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Mistress Synful Pleasure

Orange County & Los Angeles Dominatrix



"I had a great time playing with you and I think our chemistry is very, very good. The session I had with you was probably the best session I have ever had. And I have had quite a few over the past 20 years." - R

"Serving Mistress Synful is an extremely rewarding experience. She quickly tapped into my secret fetish and leveraged it to dominate me deep into subspace for the entire session. My desire to worship and submit became the mind’s sole objective, inactivating ordinary senses like my need to breathe.  The only thing I didn’t plan for is everything else in life paling in comparison to the memory of this Goddess. Be warned, highly addictive." - Prancer

"Mistress Synful was accommodating to my inexperience. She took the time to learn my interests and incorporated them into the weekly tasks/text converesations. I greatly enjoy our online meetings and look forward to continual service in Her name!" -slave n (Online slave)

"Luckily I got to chat with Mistress Synful Pleasure via Niteflirt (a paid phone service) for quite a while before finally booking a session with her so I got to know her that way. Mistress Synful is extremely easy to talk to so any worries you would have is quickly put at ease and is replaced by excitement. Mistress has a big media presence so it is easy to see what she is into as well. She is both an incredible tease and a devilish sadist so you get the best of both worlds. When the session date finally arrived I was taken aback by her stunning beauty. Way more than what is depicted online. We talked a little bit before the session to confirm what we were going to do that day and went over some other boundaries which was extremely nice as well. Once negotiations were over and we got into the session her teasing, sadistic personality shines. One thing in particular I was very impressed with Mistress Synful was how skillful she was at warming me up for impact even though I normally can’t take much impact. You can tell Mistress Synful Pleasure is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and invested in her work. It isn’t just work for her but something she truly enjoys doing. I will absolutely book more with her.  Looking forward to the next time we play,"  - Chris Pan