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My Play Interests

Ah, what am I interested in? Well, I am quite the Sadistic Vixen of Kink. I dominate your mind, body, and energy. I am a master at energetic exchange & use My intuition, skill & creativity to construct a mutually enjoyable play scenerio. I am extremely versatile and enjoy all types of submissives and fetishists. Below are some of My many interests. They are in no particular order.

Worship: I enjoy most forms of body worship and adoration, including arm pits, hands, feet, ass and legs. Every Goddess deserves to be worshipped if She pleases, but only with the utmost respect. Therefore all worship is done clothed. This is non negiotable.


Attire Worship: What's your fetish? Hosiery? Nylons? Boots? Worship them all. you may specifically request attire to worship. Whether it's being teased with My toes through nude nylon pantyhose, or licking the filth off the bottom of My heeled boots, I enjoy it all.


Fin-Dom: Do you have that innate urge inside you to spoil, & pamper a beautiful woman? Or do you find humility in handing Me your paycheck? Either way, I will enjoy every moment of your financial servitude & submission. Apply to serve Me and mark the "FinDom" option.  you may send Gifts in the mean time while under review via Gifts page.


Impact Play: Anything that makes you say "Ouch."

-Corporal Punishment, canes/crops, floggers ,paddles, straps/tawses, single or dragon tailed whips, spankings (Including OTK) and more! Note: This can be done sensually, and without leaving marks.


Smothering: If you've seen My clips before, you know I'm a big fan of smashing your face with My ass. If you can hold your breath, I'll really put you to the test for how long! Due to My love of this type of play, I have invested in a smotherbox to amplify the experience. This is completely optional, and for more advanced players, or to anyone who can handle a challenge.

The SmotherBox: This is a wooden box you place your head inside, with two adjustable plates that lock your head in place. your head is rested up on a pillow, and the top portion of the box, which is My cushioned seat is locked over your head. There is an oval cutout in the box so your head is trapped within, and firmly locked into place underneath My glorious ass. Bondage cuffs are attachable to the sides of the box, if you really want to be put to the test.


Sissification/Dollification/Bimbo: Perhaps this is a form of humiliation for you, or deeper identification. Either way, I enjoy giving you a new identity, name, persona & appearance. you will walk, talk, act and BECOME whoever I decide.


Bondage: Bondage knows no bounds, other than to keep you bound. With leather cuffs that keep you right where I want you, or metal shackles to assure your discomfort I enjoy binding you in place. I enjoy using all kinds of bondage, including rope that allows Me to express creativity and create some beautiful way to literally tie you up, or through mummification that wraps your entire body in saran wrap to be My perfect helpless mummy! Other types of bondage includes, predicament bondage: I place you in quite the predicament. Maybe I decided to attach clover clamps to your balls and tie the end off to a weight gently placed on the edge of a bench, teetering to stay in place...while you were helplessly bound. Then I decided to do something specifically causing a jolt in your body that you would have to refrain from, unless you wanted the weight to come crashing down and rip off the clamps attached to your balls? Now thats, a predicament.


CBT/Ballbusting: Cock and ball torture, which is exactly what it sounds like. No, this cannot be done "sensually". This can include weights, chastity device, CBT devices, creative rope, clamps, or anything else that can be used on your useless genitalia.


Humiliation: Verbal or through action I love to tease and make fun of you like the little worm you are. Maybe I'll make you cluck like a chicken, or lick the soles of My heels in public, or just taunt you about how much of a little bitch you are.


Public Humiliation is always welcomed. I have no problem letting the world know how much of a pathetic worm you are compared to Me.


Small penis Humiliation is another enjoyable form of humiliation, because how simple is it to mock your subpar tic-tack you call a penis?


Sensory Play: Over-stimulation, sensation or Deprivation. I absolutely love over stimulating your senses, with multiple types of stimulation at once,so you don't know what to, focus on.This can be achieved through temperature (Candle wax, ice cubes, etc), hitachi wand, wartenberg pinwheels, electrical, etc.


Deprivation can be achieved through sensory deprivation masks designed to dull the senses, creative bondage, and an assortment of sensations that deprive your sight, hearing, taste, or touch and make you focus on a specific task or sense.


Tease & Denial: I love flaunting My perfect physique and watching you lust for Me, then denying you. Because, lets face it, I'm way too good for you!


Trampling: With shoes or barefoot. Either way, I'll to stomp you into a pancake!


Objectification: you're the object I've chosen you to be. Maybe a spittoon, or a piece of furniture. Whatever pleases Me, is what you shall become.


Pet play: My favorite domesticated animal is a dog. This includes kinky pups of all kinds! Embrace the animal you are meant to be, and I'll be your trainer.


Roleplay: I enjoy embodying different roles and playing into unique scenarios. Some of My favorites are the traditional strict teacher and misbehaving student,


Interrogation/Military type scenerios involving discipline and confinement, religious play entailing priests/nuns. Confide to Me your kinky roleplay fantasies, and let's create a reality.


Other kinds of play: Nipple torture, Tickle torture, overnight, double Domme, Medical play, Shopping sprees slave/bitch training, behavior modification, and more!